Capsule Water Pipe From Smoke Honest

Smoke Honest

Introducing the Smoke Honest: a sleek and practical bong crafted from top-tier borosilicate glass. With its distinctive capsule-shaped design, it delivers an exceptionally smooth smoking journey while offering effortless maintenance. Furthermore, its ingenious self-packing feature ensures it's the ideal companion for those on the move.

Customers have the option to choose between a a glass bowl ($0), stainless steel bowl ($30), or the oil set ($55).

Unveiling the Capsule: A Revolution in Bong Design

Smoke Honest's mission was to create a water pipe deserving of a prominent place in our home, a bong that we'd proudly showcase.

Beyond its captivating clean design and exquisite finish, the Capsule's exceptional functionality ensures you'll never consider an alternative. This bong can be effortlessly disassembled for straightforward cleaning and enhanced portability. Its modular design ensures that every component can be easily replaced, providing a lasting solution.

Discover the hidden magnetic lighter holder, protective silicone base, and hygienic mouthpiece cover, all meticulously integrated into its design. Crafted from top-tier, eco-friendly materials, the Capsule exemplifies our commitment to premium quality and sustainability.

Category: Water Pipe

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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