The ORIGINAL Twisty Glass Blunt


Meet the Twisty™ Glass Original, available exclusively at 421Store—the ultimate online smoke shop in the U.S. This unique device holds up to 2 grams across 5 chambers, making it easy to pack, twist, and enjoy smooth pulls all day long. Whether you're chilling solo or hanging with friends, the Twisty™ offers a top-tier smoking experience.

Say goodbye to paper and constant relighting thanks to its patented design with an infini-cherry that keeps it lit longer. Want to pause your session? Just cap it off and save the rest for later. Its innovative cool-pull technology makes each hit about 30% cooler, ensuring each draw is fresh and smooth. Bonus: it's even compatible with water pipes!

Explore the Original Twisty Glass Mini.

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 2 grams in 5 separate chambers
  • Patented infini-cherry minimizes the need to re-light
  • Cool-pull technology delivers a cooler smoke by nearly a third
  • Water-pipe adaptable for versatile use
  • Includes everything you need to get started: the Twisty™ Glass Original, a microfiber bag, O-ring, cleaning brush, and two silicone caps

Tips for Using the Twisty Glass Blunt:

  • Take shorter pulls to maximize potency and flavor.
  • Regular cleaning ensures optimal performance and taste.
  • Use a carrying case for protection—check out our selection.
  • Fits 14mm water pipes for an enhanced experience.

Questions? Just hit up, and I, Ayad, will help you out!

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Type: Pipes & Blunts

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