Large Mahogany Slider Dugout

The Mill

Looking to keep your smoke sesh on the down-low or maybe just need something super convenient for on-the-go? The Mill's got you covered with their sleek pocket-sized boxes, now available at 421Store – the ultimate online hotspot for all your smoking needs in the US. If you're curious or got any questions, don't be shy! Shoot me, Ayad, an email at I'm here to help you out with all the info you need. 

Here's why you're gonna love this nifty little box: 

  • Compact and Stealthy: Fits right in your pocket, making it perfect for those discreet moments or quick escapes.

  • Cigarette Pipe Plus Storage: Not just a one-hitter but also comes with its own little nook for your stash.

  • Consistent Quality: Each box is crafted to the same size specs, making sure you know exactly what you're getting.

  • Unique Wood Design: Even though each piece has the same design and dimensions, the wood's color, texture, and grain bring a unique touch to every item.

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