7" Groove Bubbler With Base Water Pipe


Presented by Groove and available at 421store, the leading online smoke shop, the Groove Glass Line introduces the Groove 7" Round Rig, an ideal choice for both dry herb and concentrates. This line is characterized by its dedication to simplicity, functionality, and lasting elegance. Each product is crafted from premium materials, boasting a sleek and ageless design that combines transparent glass with sophisticated black accents. 

The Groove 7" Round Rig stands out with its meticulous construction, featuring ground glass connections for a seamless experience. It comes equipped with a 14mm bowl and a 90-degree banger, all in a compact 7-inch height, ensuring a smooth and efficient use. This rig is specifically designed for those who appreciate the gradual intensity and richness of their smoking sessions.

This elegant rig integrates clear glass with tasteful black accents and is inclusive of a 14mm bowl and a 90° banger. It's designed to cater to dry herb enthusiasts while providing a polished and enjoyable smoking experience.

Key Features:

  • Striking Clear Glass with Black Accents
  • Precision Ground Glass Connections
  • Complete with a 14mm Bowl and 90° Banger
  • Compact at 7 Inches in Height
  • Optimized for Dry Herb and Concentrates use

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