8" Universal Traveler Water Bottle Pipe


The Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe transforms any bottle into a portable smoking device, providing convenience on the go. This innovative accessory by Waxmaid is available at the reputable online smoke shop, 421store.

You can easily attach the Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece to bottles of various sizes, including wine, beer, water, or liquor bottles, as long as they have necks ranging from 19 mm to 39 mm in diameter.

Crafted from Platinum Cured Silicone material, the Traveler Water Bottle Adapter is both food-safe and compliant with FDA standards, ensuring your safety during use.

This Traveler water bottle pipe adapter boasts durability, longevity, and a secure fit, guaranteeing a worry-free smoking experience wherever you are.

The Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe is your ideal travel companion, designed for those who are always on the move.

And remember, Waxmaid's design is truly unique, setting it apart from any imitations you may find on the market.

Experience the convenience and quality of the Waxmaid Universal Water Bottle Pipe Traveler.

Smoke out of Waxmaid Universal Water Bottle Pipe Traveler
What's included in the package?

The Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe comes complete with a 14mm glass bowl for your smoking needs.

How to assemble a water bottle pipe with the Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece

  1. Remove the lid from your chosen water or wine bottle.
  2. Assemble the included downstem accessories onto the Traveler mouthpiece.
  3. Attach the Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece securely to the bottle.

How to clean the Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece

  • For best results, clean the mouthpiece immediately after use while the resin is still soft, making it easier to remove any residue.
  • You can safely clean the entire Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece in the dishwasher, as silicone is dishwasher safe.
  • Boiling the Waxmaid Traveler mouthpiece is also a safe method that won't harm the material. After boiling, use dish soap and a brush to remove any resin buildup.
  • Please avoid using alcohol for cleaning, as it may potentially harm the silicone material over time.

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