Exquisite Wooden Small Dugout

The Mill

These compact dugouts come with an integrated cigarette pipe and a convenient storage compartment.

Dimensions: 3/4″ x 1 13/16″ x 3″.

Uncover the exquisite artisanship of American-crafted wooden dugouts, celebrated for their remarkable aesthetics, robustness, and exceptional quality. Tailored for your everyday smoking sessions, these dugouts are the ideal partners.

With a wealth of expertise spanning four decades, The Mill places paramount importance on unwavering quality and refrains from any shortcuts. Each of these splendid wooden dugouts is diligently hand-fashioned using meticulously chosen exotic and domestic hardwoods, ensuring an incredibly exceptional smoking venture.

Introducing the Wooden Hitter Box, a compact and elegant dugout box designed for one-hitter moments. Constructed with top-notch wood, this portable box keeps your one-hitter safe and at the ready. Relish the ease and sophistication of the Wooden Hitter Box to fulfill your smoking necessities.

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