Randy's Brass and stainless steel Screen Jar


Introducing Randy's Mesh Screens – a simple yet highly effective filtration solution, made with top-quality materials to ensure an improved smoking experience. These high-grade brass screens provide smooth airflow while securely holding your herbal blend. With a track record of reliable performance over many years, brass remains a trusted choice, all at an incredible value.

Each jar of Randy's screens includes 36 sets, with 20 screens in each set. These screens are versatile and suitable for use with a variety of glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, or wood smoking devices.

Randy's Screens Features:

  • Jar Holds 36 Screen Packs
  • Each Pack has 20 Screens
  • Your choice of Brass or Stainless Steel Mesh

    What's in the Box:

    • 36x - Randy's Screens - 20 screens per pack
    • 1x - Glass Jar

    Category: Screens

    Type: Home Goods

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