Ares Dab Straw

Linx Vapor

The Linx Ares dab straw stands as a pinnacle of innovation, boasting a ceramic rod atomizer that achieves unparalleled flavor effortlessly. This cutting-edge dab straw kit offers not only portability but also a discreet design resembling a pen, allowing inconspicuous dabbing on the go. 

The ceramic rod atomizer enables direct heating upon immersion into the extract. Its coil-less heating element significantly prolongs the device's lifespan. Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, it ensures safety by avoiding the use of paint and plastics and undergoing rigorous heavy metal testing.

With two preset temperatures and a 750mAh rechargeable battery, the Ares secures its spot as one of the "Best Discreet Portable Vaporizers," according to Leafly.


  • Ceramic rod atomizer that can be dipped into the extract to heat directly.  
  • Coil-less heating element gives the device a much longer lifetime.
  • Medical grade stainless steel free of paint and plastics.  Heavy metals tested.
  • Two preset temperatures.   
  • 750mAH Rechargeable Battery.
  • "Best Discreet Portable Vaporizers" By Leafly

Linx Ares Honey Straw

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