AirVape Xs GO Dry Herb Vaporizer from Apollo


Discover the AirVape XS GO, a strikingly sleek and supremely portable vaporizer, tailor-made for life on the move. It inherits the ergonomic design and user-friendly features of its predecessor, the XS model, but stands out with its compact size and comfortable handling, making it a unique addition to the AirVape line.

The XS GO is not just about portability; its aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the spiritual Seed of Life symbol embossed on the back, adding a touch of elegance. A cleverly integrated packing tool/chamber empty tool is subtly incorporated into its design for maximum convenience and practicality.

Embrace the seamless blend of style, ease, and advanced functionality with the AirVape XS GO. It’s the perfect companion for those who value a chic, effortless vaping experience, especially suitable for the dynamic vaper on the go.


Utilizing a cutting-edge blend of conduction and convection technology, the AirVape XS GO sets a new standard for superior heating. As the ultimate personal loose-leaf vaporizer, it excels in performance while ensuring the utmost discretion. The XS GO boasts a perfectly sized, oval-shaped ceramic chamber, complemented by a cleverly designed compartment underneath that collects hot air.

This innovative combination guarantees exceptionally smooth and authentic vapor production, along with precise and uniform heating throughout your session. Experience the pinnacle of vaporization with the AirVape XS GO, where outstanding performance and discreet design merge seamlessly.


  • Used for Loose-leaf 
  • Weighs Only 2 oz
  • 1200 mAh Battery
  • Heat-up Time: 20 Seconds to Optimal Level
  • 5 temperature options: 355, 375, 390, 405 and 420 F
  • Built-in packing tool
  • 3 min automatic shutoff timer
  • One button easy temperature control
  • Micro USB Charging, Charge while use (if battery not depleted), 45 min Charge Time 
  • Dual Filter,  Ceramic AirFlow 
  • Oval Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • EZ AirPath (partially isolated)
  • Ergonomic design, comfort grip, ABS plastic
  • Measurements: 3.8"L x 1"W x 1.3"H
  • Built-in scraper tool


  • AirVape XS GO
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Cleaning, Loading Tools
  • Replacement Filter Screens 
  • User Manual

Make sure to register your product for a Limited Lifetime Warranty here and provide our authorized reseller number 27465.

Category: Herb Vaporizers

Type: Vaporizer

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