Blaze Full Quartz Dab Pen

Linx Vapor

Ready to take your vaping game up a notch? Check out Linx Vapor's latest hit, a portable extract vaporizer that's packing some serious tech to give you clouds like you've never seen before, all while keeping things tasty. 

Here's what makes this gadget a must-have:

  • Industry-First Quartz Atomizer: Say goodbye to traditional coils and hello to our quartz chamber, designed to pump out flavor-packed vapor without the mess.

  • Extra-Large Ceramic Plate: More room means bigger clouds, and our ceramic plate delivers that in spades, heating up fast to get you going.

  • Slick and Durable: Wrapped in a medical-grade stainless steel shell, this baby is as tough as it is sleek, ready for any adventure.

  • Four Heat Settings: Dial in the perfect temp to match your mood and material, making every session just right.

  • Easy-Peasy Cleaning: Spend more time chilling and less time scrubbing, thanks to a design that’s a breeze to maintain.

  • Carry Case Included: Take it wherever you go with a handy case and tool, making travel a snap.

    Linx Blaze Wax Vaporizer Review

    Got a question or need some help? I’m Ayad, and I’ve got you covered. Just shoot me an email at, and I’ll get you sorted. Find this game-changing vape at the best online smoke shop around, 421Store.

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