CCell Palm 510 Cartridge Oil Vaporizer

Hamilton Devices

Experience discreet and powerful vaping with the CCELL Palm battery, a standout offering from Hamilton Devices, available at a leading online smoke shop. This sleek device revolutionizes vaping with its intuitive buttonless operation—simply inhale to activate and enjoy a smooth vape session.

Expertly engineered to pair flawlessly with CCELL® cartridges, the Palm battery is also versatile, accommodating most 510 thread cartridges. Its notable features include:

  • Inhale activation for ease of use
  • High-grade circuit board for reliable performance
  • Constructed from sturdy aluminum alloy for durability
  • Equipped with a magnetic connector compatible with both 0.5ml and 1.0ml cartridges
  • Adjustable power settings ranging from 3.2V to 3.6V
  • Powerful 550mAh battery ensuring extended use
  • Compact dimensions: 55mm (Length) x 42mm (Width) x 8.9mm (Height)
  • Comes with a USB charger and two magnetic adapters for added convenience

To maintain peak performance, regular cleaning is advised, especially when dealing with oils. For optimal upkeep, clean the device 1-2 times per cartridge change or as frequently as your usage demands, using a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol.

This simple maintenance routine will help keep your Palm battery functioning at its best, delivering a consistently exceptional vaping experience.

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