Indestructible Bongs - Chill Ceramic Lined Metal Beaker w/ Glass Bowl

Chill Steel Pipes

This special Beaker water pipe is different because it's made of metal, ceramic, and glass. The metal part makes it tough and strong, so if it falls, it won't break easily. Inside, the ceramic part makes the smoke smooth and tasty. The glass part on top is simple to clean, and you can switch it with other glass bowls. 

The best thing about the Chill Metal Beaker is that you can unscrew the top part from the bottom metal base. This makes it really easy to clean and get rid of any dirt. You can keep this unique water pipe super clean!

Please keep in mind, the manufacturer recommends only using ISO for cleaning. 

Features & specs. 

  • Chill's Proprietary, Vacuum Insulated Base
  • Our Standard 8.5" Neckpiece (13" Total)
  • Durable Aluminum Diffuser Downstem
  • Borosilicate Glass Slide
  • Easy Clean Ceramic Interior; Cleans with just ISO
  • Chill Manufacturer Warranty

What's in the box. 

  • Chill Ceramic Lined Metal Beaker w/ Glass Bowl - Silver


Category: Metal Bongs, Water Pipe

Type: Unknown Type

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