GRAV Sip Series - 4" Milk Carton Bubbler series (14mm Bowl)

Grav Labs

Feeling a void in your life? Discover solace with the GRAV Milk Carton bubbler—an operational water pipe designed to evoke nostalgic cafeteria memories. The expansive chamber facilitates optimal diffusion, and the slender spout orifice minimizes splashback. It's reminiscent of simpler times during meals. 

This novelty belongs to the innovative GRAV sip series and stands at a compact 4" height. It boasts a 14mm female joint and arrives with a 14mm cup bowl. The integration of a fixed fission downstem completes its features. Embrace a touch of nostalgia and functionality with the GRAV Milk Carton bubbler—an emblem of comfort and innovation.


  • Part of the new GRAV sip series
  • Stands 4" tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Comes with a 14mm cup bowl
  • Features a fixed fission downstem

Category: Bubbler, Water Pipe

Type: Waterpipes

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