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Dive into the world of elevated smoking with GRAV® Gravitron® water pipes, available exclusively at 421Store, the leading online smoke shop in the US. From the robust Large Gravitron® 2.0, with its thick glass and airtight seal, to the compact Medium Gravitron® 2.0 that packs a potent punch, and the elegant Monarch Gravitron®, blending luxury with power, there's a Gravitron® for every preference.

These pioneering all-glass gravity smoking systems are designed for those who appreciate efficiency, innovation, and style in their sessions. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a solo session, Gravitron® delivers unmatched density and purity in every hit. 


Meet the GRAV® Large Gravitron® 2.0 – the OG of gravity smoking systems, now with a major glow-up. We're talking about glass that's five times thicker and a snug-fitting platinum-cured silicone grommet for that perfect, airtight vibe. Plus, its 19 mm female ground joint is ready to mingle with any 19 mm male bowl. And that flange at the top? It’s your new best friend for easy lifting.

Using the Gravitron is a blast – literally. Just add water, pack your herb, light it up, and lift. As you bring the bottle down, get ready for a dense hit that’s all pressure, no smoke lost. Ideal for parties but honestly, it's a top-shelf choice anytime you're looking to elevate your session. Specs to note: 11" tall, 19mm joint size, and it comes with a 19mm funnel bowl. 


Introducing the GRAV® Medium Gravitron® 2.0 – the little sibling with just as much kick. Upgraded with ultra-thick glass and a premium platinum-cured silicone grommet for that no-leak seal, it's designed to fit any 14 mm male bowl snugly. The flange makes it a piece of cake to lift, and the process? Just as smooth.

Fill, pack, light, and lift for hits that are big, bold, and beautifully efficient. Whether you're the life of the party or just chilling solo, the Gravitron delivers a punchy, pressurized hit with zero waste. Standing at 9", with a 14mm joint size, it comes with a 14mm funnel bowl. 


Welcome to the GRAV® Monarch Gravitron® – where elegance meets power. This borosilicate beauty brings luxury to your sesh with its sophisticated scalloped glass design. Just as mighty as its Gravitron siblings, the Monarch promises dense, impactful hits that are second to none.

Standing proud at 12" with a 14mm joint size, it's packaged with a 14mm funnel bowl for your convenience. Whether you're upping your gravity bong game or adding a touch of class, the Monarch is your go-to.

And remember, for any queries or high-fives, Ayad at is always on standby!

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