Groove 7" Beaker Rig


Discover the Groove Glass Line, exclusively showcased on the renowned and most reliable online smoke shop, 421Store. This collection epitomizes the essence of simplicity, functionality, and dependability. Crafted from premium materials, each piece in the Groove Glass Line boasts a timeless design. The classic clear glass, enhanced with elegant black detailing, ensures these pieces remain stylish and relevant for years to come.

Delve into the world of refined smoking with the Groove 7” Beaker Rig. Ingeniously designed with precise ground glass connections, this rig includes a 14mm bowl and a 90° banger. Standing at a convenient height of seven inches, the Beaker Rig is engineered to provide a seamless and potent smoking experience.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Clear Glass with Sophisticated Black Accents
  • Precision Engineered Ground Glass Connections
  • Comes with a 14mm Bowl and a 90° Banger
  • Compact 7” Stature
  • Compatible with Dry Herbs and Concentrate

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