7" Groove Small Rig


The Groove Glass Line offers valued products characterized by simplicity, functionality, and reliability. Crafted from premium materials, these products showcase a clean and timeless aesthetic, featuring clear glass with elegant black accents. 

One of the offerings within the Groove Glass Line is the Groove Small Rig. This rig is meticulously designed with ground glass connections and boasts a 14mm bowl and a 90-degree banger.

Standing at a height of seven inches, it provides a seamless and impactful experience that caters to your concentration needs. The product package includes a 14mm Bowl and a 90° Banger, making it suitable for concentrates as well.

  • Clear Glass With Black Accents  
  • Ground Glass Connections  
  • 7” Height 
  • Includes 14mm Bowl and 90° Banger  
  • Concentrate Compatible


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