Hypnos Zero Concentrate Vaporizer

Linx Vapor

This elegant and subtle concentrate vaporizer, offered by Linx Vapor and available at the 421Store online smoke shop, is a standout in vaping excellence. It features a health-oriented design and a cutting-edge ceramic Linx Zero atomizer that ensures pure airflow and taste.

Awarded twice as the "Best Wax Pen" by High Times, this vaporizer is a trailblazer with its ceramic plate atomizer, reducing wax wastage and offering economic advantages.

The device ensures safe, toxin-free usage, boasts an extended battery life, and is easy to maintain. It is compatible with 510-threaded batteries and atomizers. Its affordability, compact size, and consistent reliability make it a top choice in the market.

Key Features:

  • The first dab pen on the market to innovate with a ceramic plate atomizer.
  • Efficient wax usage, minimizing wastage and saving money.
  • Zero exposure to toxins and a battery that lasts longer.
  • Simple and quick cleaning process.
  • Compatible with 510-threaded batteries and atomizers.
  • Economical, space-saving, and dependable.

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