Hypnos Zero Concentrate Vaporizer

Linx Vapor

Exuding elegance and subtlety, this concentrate vaporizer stands out with its exceptional vaping attributes. Its groundbreaking, health-focused blueprint and the pristine ceramic Linx Zero atomizer ensure an untainted airflow and unadulterated taste.

Garnering a prestigious dual "Best Wax Pen" recognition from High Times, this device broke new ground as the pioneer of the ceramic plate atomizer evolution. By minimizing wax wastage, it brings economical benefits.

The vaporizer boasts toxin-free inhalation, a prolonged battery lifespan, and hassle-free upkeep. Its compatibility with 510-threaded batteries and atomizers, combined with affordability, compactness, and unwavering dependability, cements its position as an industry leader.


  • The first dab pen for sale to revolutionize the ceramic plate atomizer.
  • Minimal reclaim that saves wax and money.
  • Zero toxins, long-lasting battery life.
  • Quick and easy cleaning.
  • 510-Threaded battery and atomizer.
  • Affordable, compact, and reliable.  

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