Pipe X Holder Bundle


This Pipe Holder is the ideal way to keep your vaping materials conveniently organized while on the move.

It is sized to comfortably store a Hippie Pipe X, torch lighter, and a small storage compartment for herbs.

All of this fits in a pocket-sized container with a metal-lined pipe slot for secure, safe storage of a hot Vape Pipe.

Get the Biggest Bang for your Buck with the Pipe Holder Bundle Deal.

The Bundle pack includes:

  • The Hippie Pipe X                  
  • The Double Jet Flame Torch lighter
  • The Pipe Holder

The revolutionary new design is not only pleasing to the eye but highly efficient and compact.

Manufactured with the highest grade of materials.

  • Real Carbon
  • Wooden handle

The telescopic heating chamber makes caps or any other small detachable parts obsolete.

The indicator slot turns from black to chrome when the ideal temperature is reached.

Category: Large Dugouts

Type: Pipe

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