The Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer: The DBV


Get Your Hands on the Da Buddha Desktop Vape and Diffuser from ELEV8, Now at 421Store – Your Trusted Online Smoke Shop

Ready to take your vaping to the next level? Check out the Da Buddha Desktop Vape and Diffuser, known for its robust performance and built to last. It's your affordable gateway to premium vaping, right here at 421Store. 

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element: Even heat distribution means less risk of combustion and more enjoyment.
  • Glass-on-Glass Design: Ensures a clean vapor path and easy maintenance.
  • Versatile Temperature Settings: Tailor your vape to your preference, perfect for different herbal blends.
  • Dual Functionality: Not only a top-tier vape but also the safest e-nail around.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum for a sturdy, long-lasting build.
  • Travel-Ready: Includes a padded Hempster bag for secure and simple transportation.
  • Optional Aromatherapy Dish: Great for wax and oil melts, keeping your space fresh 24/7.

Whether you're at home or on the go, Da Buddha offers a seamless and superior vaping experience, thanks to thoughtful design and premium materials.

Included with Your Purchase:

  • Da Buddha Desktop Vape and Diffuser
  • Padded Hempster storage bag
  • Optional Aromatherapy Dish (add-on)

    How to use the DBV Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer

    Elev8 introduces its Ceramic Heating Element, a core feature of Elev8's vaporizers, renowned for its rapid heating and lasting durability. Engineered to withstand oxidation and degradation, this ceramic heater has been rigorously tested for over a decade, outperforming others in speed and longevity. Elev8 takes pride in being the pioneer in the industry to offer this advanced ceramic heating technology.

    Elev8's Glass-On-Glass Connection is another standout feature. Crafted by skilled artisans, these handmade pieces are fully customizable and compatible with various add-ons like Elev8's vapor tamers. The design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. Elev8's signature clear and colored wands are tailored with 14.8 and 15.8 screens respectively, facilitating a seamless connection and hands-free usage.

    The Variable Convective Heat system in Elev8's vaporizers caters to individual preferences. It allows you to adjust the heat for any herbal blend or essential oil, matching your personal inhalation speed. Elev8 has intentionally omitted numbered settings, giving you the freedom to find your optimal temperature. The removable knob marks your ideal setting, ensuring a personalized experience every time.

    Da Buddha’s Aluminum Housing, a part of Elev8's product line, is crafted from quarter-inch thick airplane-grade aluminum, ensuring both durability and a sleek finish. Available in classic Silver or powder-coated Black, this housing is scratch-resistant and maintains its appearance over time.

    Each unit comes with a Padded Storage Bag, designed for convenience and protection. Made from a blend of hemp and recycled polyester, affectionately known as "hempster," the bag features a soft velvet interior. It's equipped with internal and external pockets, perfect for carrying all necessary parts and accessories for the DBV.

    The Aromatherapy Dish is a unique addition to Elev8's range, allowing you to enjoy your favorite scented oils and keep your home fragrant around the clock. This feature enables simultaneous vaping and aroma diffusion, enhancing your experience.

    Lastly, Elev8’s Custom Glass service is a testament to Elev8's dedication to craftsmanship. Elev8's team of expert, self-taught glass blowers not only produces glass for Elev8's vaporizers but also creates exquisite heady glass items, including innovative water filters. This commitment to quality and customization sets Elev8 apart in the world of vaporizers.

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