The Essential "To Go" Cup (Matte Anodized Black Aluminum)


Elevate your on-the-go smoking experience with this discreet anodized aluminum cup, cleverly concealing a compact water pipe. Whether the world truly needs it is up for debate, but you and your friends might just find it indispensable.

This meticulously crafted cup boasts precision machining, complete with a ribbed silicone sleeve and a top-quality, thick silicone cap housing a concealed ceramic bowl for a pure, untainted taste. The interior chamber remains entirely hidden from view, ensuring a seamlessly smooth and consistent draw during use.

Gripping this cup imparts the feeling of a clandestine agent. Those in the know recognize its true purpose, while others remain oblivious. And if your secret is revealed, well, let them say what they will.

  • Matte Anodized Black Aluminum
  • Durable Ceramic Bowl w/ Silicone 'Pull'
  • Watertight Silicone Li
  • Instantly Converts into Water Pipe
  • Integrated Filter/Chamber

Category: Bubbler

Type: Bubblers

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