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High Tech Pipes

We're stoked to introduce something that's about to take your pressing game to a whole new level. Say hello to the "Crusher," brought to you by High Tech Pipes, and now shining bright at 421Store, your favorite spot for the coolest smoking accessories in the U.S.

Why the "Crusher" Is a Must-Have:

  • Built Like a Tank: With 1/2" thick aircraft-grade aluminum walls, this press is all about durability and optimal heat distribution.

  • Power in Your Hands: Its ergonomic T-Handle lets you apply serious torque with minimal effort, all thanks to a sturdy stainless steel threading system.

  • Sleek and Smart Design: Not just strong, but smart with two flat sides for easy vise gripping, ensuring stability when you’re getting down to business.

  • Maximum Efficiency: Compact yet mighty, accommodating up to 3 oz of material without breaking a sweat.

  • Grip That Won't Quit: End caps designed with unbeatable threads for a grip that’s tight and right, every time.

How to use

LOAD: Turn handle counter clockwise to fully extend. Drop in plunger. Fill with material. Replace cap.



HEAT: While under pressure, run hot water over press body for 3 minutes. Turn handle tighter


PRESS: Apply torque by turning clockwise. Tighten by hand ONLY!


EXTRACT: Allow unit to cool off before opening. Back off pressure and remove cap. Turn handle to push material out.

Got questions? Need more deets? I’m Ayad, and I’m all ears. Hit me up at, and let’s get you sorted.

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