Cira Concentrate Vaporizer Kit - by AUXO


Discover the AUXO Cira, exclusively available at 421store, your favorite online smoke shop. This top-tier vaporizer utilizes AUXO’s advanced Heating Wire Technology (patent pending) to deliver a harmonious, conscientious, and well-managed vaping experience. With a versatile heating range of 450 – 1000℉, Cira ensures uniform heat distribution and full control over the temperature, enhancing your vaping sessions.

The Extended Heating Mode feature allows you to prolong your sessions by an additional 15 seconds mid-cycle, while maintaining your desired temperature.

Precise Temperature Controlled Vaporizer for Concentrates

  • Varied Heating Range: Enjoy a wide temperature spectrum from 450-1000℉, catering to all flavor preferences.
  • Precision Control: Benefit from 10℉ control precision, thanks to AUXO's Heating Wire Technology.
  • Rapid Pre-Heating: Experience quick 20-second pre-heating for immediate use.
  • Extended Sessions: Utilize the Extended Heating Mode for unlimited 15-second session extensions.
  • Unique Mouthpiece: Comes with a distinctive handblown borosilicate glass mouthpiece.
  • Powerful Batteries: Features dual 2000mAh batteries for sustained performance.
  • Unmatched Temperature Control: Tailor your vaping sessions within a range of 450 – 1000℉.

Extended Heating Mode

The Cira Concentrate Vaporizer Kit offers the innovative Extended Heating Mode, allowing users to extend their sessions by 15 seconds mid-cycle, maintaining the pre-set temperature. This is activated by a double-click of the “+” button within 10 seconds of the heating countdown, providing the flexibility of adding 15-second increments as desired.

Long-lasting Battery

Equipped with dual 2000mAh batteries, the Cira supports over 30 sessions on a full charge, ensuring you can relax and vape without frequent recharging.

Designed Around Your Needs

Cira's ergonomic Anti-Scalding Wave design, combined with heat-resistant materials, offers maximum comfort and safety. An OLED monitor provides precise temperature and battery life readings, keeping you informed of your device's status.

Product Specifications


  • Dimensions: 129.8(H) × 76.2(W) × 59.5(D) mm (without the mouthpiece)
  • Weight: 340g (without the mouthpiece)
  • Screen: OLED Screen


  • Glass Piece: Borosilicate Glass
  • Heating Chamber: Titanium and Quartz
  • Battery Housing: Aluminum Alloy
  • Charging Base: Zinc Alloy

Heating Chamber:

  • Compatibility: Concentrates
  • Heat-Up Time: 20-Seconds
  • Temperature Range: 450 – 1000 ℉(232-538 ̊C)


  • Battery Life: 30-Sessions*
  • Battery Type: Lithium Battery
  • Charging Time: 150 Minutes
  • Capacity: 2000mAh/7.4v

*Based on a standard 50-second session without extension.

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