Dip Devices Dipper Nectar Collector

Dip Devices

2-in-1 Dab Pen and Dab Straw

Introducing the Dipper, a versatile gadget available at 421Store. It's a nifty combo of a dab pen and an electric dab straw. This cool tool lets you enjoy your CBD or THC concentrate without drawing too much attention. Plus, it packs a punch with its 900 mAh battery, so no need to stress about power.

The innovative Tip Atomizer takes the place of old-school rigs and torches, while the Quartz Crystal Atomizer lets you load it up like a classic dab pen but with a modern twist. 

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 Dab Pen and Dab Straw
  • Tip Atomizer
  • Quartz Crystal Atomizer
  • 900 mAh Battery.

Here are the features of the Dipper Vaporizer:

  • Quick-heating coil
  • Unique and easy-to-replace Vapor Tip Atomizer
  • Easily replaceable Quartz Crystal Atomizer
  • Comes with a hassle-free 1-year warranty
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Dual-purpose mouthpiece and cap
  • Rechargeable via Micro-USB

Dip Devices Dipper Vaporizer Review and how to Use

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