Dr. Dabber Boost Evo Electronic Rig

Dr. Dabber

Check out the latest gem from Dr. Dabber, the Boost Evo! It's designed to deliver the ultimate dabbing experience, ensuring you nail the perfect dab with ease every single time. The secret sauce? A smart temperature control right inside the quartz atomizer. This bad boy is dialed in with six heat settings perfected from loads of feedback, ensuring you hit just the right temp swiftly.

The Boost Evo doesn't just stop at amazing temperature control; it packs a punch with a battery that goes the distance and heats up in a snap - eleven seconds to be precise. You're also getting a sleek stealth mode and a handy auto-shutoff after 15 minutes. Choose from the slick Moon White or the suave Eclipse Black, and it comes bundled with a durable case and all the accessories you'll need for the best dabbing sesh.

Main Features:

  • Smart temperature control integrated into the quartz atomizer
  • Six finely-tuned heat settings based on real user feedback
  • Quick heating — ready in just eleven seconds
  • Stealth mode and 15-minute auto-shutoff for convenience and safety
  • Available in Moon White or Eclipse Black, with a sturdy carrying case and essential accessories
  • Patented Quartz to Glass Vapor Pathway for the purest flavor
  • Simple one-button operation for ease of use


  • Height: 4" (without glass), 7.75" (with glass)
  • Six Temperature Settings - 500-750° F
  • Eleven Second Heat Up Time
  • Revolutionary Magnetic Quartz Atomizer with built-in temperature sensor
  • Quick Connect Adapter with airflow release
  • Straight quartz to glass vapor pathway
  • Enhanced ergonomics with grip pads
  • Five RGB light modes plus Stealth Mode for discrete dabbing
  • Exceptional battery life with built-in protection against over-voltage and short circuits
  • 60+ hits on a single charge
  • 20 or 40 second hold time
  • Pass through USB-C charging
  • Auto shutoff after 15 minutes
  • Durable and protective carrying case included
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Uses one-of-a-kind technology to heat consistently every time. 
  • Has a very long battery life and can be used while charging. 
  • Comes with a durable storage case and lots of accessories. 

How it works: 

Check out the video below to see the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo in action!

What's in the Box:

  • 1x Dr. Dabber Boost EVO
  • 1x Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer
  • 1x Boost EVO Replacement Glass Attachment
  • 1x Boost EVO USB-C Charger
  • 1x Boost EVO Quick Connect Adapter
  • 1x Boost EVO Loading Tool

Standing out in the eRig scene, the Boost Evo is a magnet for any tech-savvy aficionado stepping into your space. Plus, it's backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Dive into the Boost Evo™ for a top-notch dabbing journey, offering unmatched temperature control and simplicity that'll make it your go-to rig day in, day out. And if you ever hit a bump or just wanna chat about how awesome it is, shoot me, Ayad, an email at support@421store.com.

Category: Desktop, Wax Vaporizers

Type: Vaporizer

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