The Super Surfer 2.0 Forced Air Dry Herb Extraction


The Super Surfer Vaporizer, presented by Elev8, is a pinnacle of innovation in the world of forced air dry herb desktop vaporizers. This versatile device allows users to vape dry herbs, dab concentrates, or diffuse oils, all within a single unit. For extracting dry herbs, options include using a bag or whip. 

Built for Connoisseurs

Since 2004, the Silver Surfer dry herb vaporizer has gained popularity among aficionados seeking a top-tier flavor extraction device, crafted in the USA. The Super Surfer vaporizer stands as the most versatile desktop vaporizer globally. Whether using a whip or bag, the Super Surfer delivers with elegance and efficiency. Its aroma top ensures your home smells delightful, while its lighted base creates a captivating atmosphere. 

Carefully Crafted - Super Surfer Vaporizer

The SSV desktop vaporizer, established in 2004 at the base of Pikes Peak, sets the standard for quality. Elev8's Super Surfer vaporizer continues this tradition. Every glass piece is handcrafted by Elev8 Premier glass artists. The surfers are meticulously assembled, tested, and tailored to your preferences, boasting a personal touch with art infused into the durable powder coating of the Wave Rider Series.

Pure Glass Connection

Elev8 is renowned for its glass-on-glass connections, a feature proudly embodied by the Super Surfer desktop vaporizer. The spherical glass wand and heater cover, compatible with the hands-free attachment, prevent joint sticking and offer a 66% larger bowl size than ground glass. Experience consistently clean and tasty vapor, easy maintenance, and the option to customize almost any glass part to match your unique style.

Ceramic Heater

The ceramic heater, a cornerstone in all Elev8 dry herb desktop vaporizers, represents an industry-first innovation. This heater, known for its durability and exceptional flavor delivery, encases the element in ceramic, eliminating oxidation and ensuring longevity.

Hands-Free Connection

The Super Surfer's design facilitates a hands-free attachment, keeping herbs in place and preventing unwanted heating. Its ergonomic wand angle enhances comfort during use.

Forced Air System

A significant upgrade in the Super Surfer is its fan-driven air system, enabling the use of a bag attachment and capable of filling bags up to 10 feet. Ideal for group settings, this feature also complements the whip system, adding a new dimension to the vaping experience.

Hempster & Velour Storage Bag

Reflecting the "Super" ethos, the Super Surfer's storage bag is handcrafted from a durable Hempster blend, featuring eight pockets for accessories. This eco-friendly approach replaces traditional packaging with a reusable solution.

Unique Valve System

Designed specifically for the vapor bag attachment and fan, the unique valve system ensures efficient vapor delivery without flavor loss. The simplicity and superiority of this design set it apart in the market.

Mood Lighting

The Super Surfer offers 13 mood lighting modes, including solid colors, blends, and fades, inspired by the whimsical "horse of a different color" from the Wizard Of Oz.

Aromatherapy Dish

The aroma top allows for continuous scent diffusion with waxes or oils, making the Super Surfer a versatile device even for non-consumers.

Dab Dish

Upgradeable to an enail, the Super Surfer offers a safer, cleaner alternative for dabbing, compatible with a quartz dish and without the need for a fan.

Custom Made Temp. Knob

Each Super Surfer features a unique, handcrafted knob by Elev8 Premier, offering infinite temperature control and customizable aesthetics.

Built for Glass

Fully adaptable, the Super Surfer connects to nearly any rig, allowing for endless customization with the Wave Rider Series.

Elev8's Super Surfer vaporizer redefines the desktop vaping experience with its innovative features, customization options, and commitment to quality. 

What's in the box? 

  • Super Surfer Vehicle featuring a Spherical Ground Glass Heater Cover and Whip Assembly, including a Mouthpiece, Wand, and 3 feet of tubing.
  • Protective Padded Storage Bag, crafted from a robust hemp and polyester mix known as "hempster."
  • Complete Vapor Bag Assembly, accompanied by Sick Clips (consisting of 5 glass components and 2 clips).
  • A roll of food-grade plastic Vapor Bags.
  • Glass Aroma Top, complete with a sample of wax melt.
  • Set of Replacement Screens.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Pick.
  • Convenient Hands-Free Attachment.
  • A Ceramic Flavor Disc for enhanced taste experiences.

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