421 Hitter - Small Pipe, Big Hit

Monroe Blvd

Not out yet, and we're still in the process of perfecting it. We will keep you posted through our social media once it's out.

Classy, neat and stylish are the perfect words to describe this one of a kind hitter. The design of the 421 Hitter is made to meet the highest standards demands and with the finest taste, in versatile and classic colors, golden metallic shine, and with a slim design with simple elegant lines that combine the modern and the classic making it sleek and timeless.

Its portability will allow you to elegantly smoke on the go your loose leaf, and has a wooden mouthpiece to prevent your mouth being burned, like it would happen with regular metallic hitters. Also the design without exaggerated curves make it easier to clean and use. Honoring its luxury this hitter is made to last long and accompany you during many smoking sessions.

Enjoy the pleasure of your smoking experience adding a glamorous twist with a high end hitter that will stand out in front of any other smoking pipe.

Category: Pipes

Type: Pipes & Blunts

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